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UB Scholars attend Beating the Odds Summit in Washington, DC


In July, First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed more than 130 college-bound students from across the country to participate in the 2015 Beating the Odds Summit. The event focused on sharing tools and strategies to help more students successfully transition to college and complete the next level of their educational journey. Of the 130+ students in attendance, two Upward Bound Scholars were privileged with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Athletes & Academics – UB student-athletes win on and off the field


As we all know, student-athletes are a unique population. Juggling academics, practice, away games, and additional programming can be a daunting task. However, two Upward Bound Scholars managed to debunk stereotypes and misconceptions about student-athletes.

Upward Bound takes on the 2015 Summer Olympiad!


On June 25-26th, Summer Academy Scholars attended the statewide Upward Bound Olympiad hosted by Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) TRiO Programs. After a three-year hiatus, UB Scholars were ready to bring home the gold! 

ND Professor, Dr. Julia Douthwaite uses race to create inclusivity and dialogue in the Upward Bound Summer Academy


While Dr. Julia Douthwaite is a ND Professor of French during the academic year, she takes on a different adventure as a professor of language arts for the Upward Bound Summer Academy. For the past three years, Professor Douthwaite has used her experiences from abroad to help students gain an appreciation for the “art” of “language.” This year, complementing our summer theme: The Upward Bound Mosaic – Discovering the “Us” in “Others,” Professor Douthwaite used race to bring literature to life. 

Witnesses & Visionaries: ND TRiO Scholars attend public dialogue with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor


As campaigns for the 2016 local and national elections heat up, you will find most teens are more interested in homecoming football games and fall formals. However, after a public dialogue with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, ND TRiO scholars quickly changed their perspective on politics and the potential of their dreams.…

2015 Summer Academy - The Upward Bound Mosaic - Discovering "Us" in "Others"

Mosaic I

The 2015 Summer Academy was dedicated to providing a unique and comprehensive college-like experience for Upward Bound Scholars. Using a curriculum centered around diversity learning, scholars engaged in project-based assignments and activities to Discover the "Us" in "Others." 


Talent Search Alum, Tomi Lawrence featured in IU - Viewpoints

Tomi Lawrence IU feature

Each August, over 40,000 students embark on a journey to the land of Hoosiers. For Tomi Lawrence, a Washington High School and Educational Talent Search alumunus, her journey consisted of nearly 400 new friends, a presidency, as well as a new sense of confidence and comfort. 


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Talent Search Study Tables

November 24, 2015


The Talent Search program would like to invite you to take part in our weekly tutoring sessions called Study Tables at Western Branch. The Study Tables at Western Branch is a new partnership with Talent Search and the St. Joseph County Public Library-Western Branch. Study Tables will begin on Tuesday, November 3rd