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Father Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame dies at age 97


A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds. Through us, they live on. Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., affectionately known as Father Ted, has not only been monumental in his leadership and service to the great institution of the University of Notre Dame, but he resides in a special place in the hearts of ND TRiO Programs. During his 35-year presidency at Notre Dame, Father Ted established programs to advance social justice. As a result, Father Ted was pivotal in the inception of TRiO Programs at the University of Notre Dame; as it was a personal interest to provide an opportunity for first-generation, low-income students to gain access to college. For the past several years, in recognition of Father Hesburgh’s enduring commitment to educational opportunity, TRiO Programs (Upward Bound) hosts the Father Ted’s 10K where all proceeds go to college scholarships to fund TRiO Upward Bound seniors. While we may mourn his passing, we will forever honor Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, as a servant, a man, and most importantly, an inspiration for his steadfast dedication to excellence and education.  …

Advice for first-generation students applying to college this fall

Applying to college can make anyone’s head spin. And if you’re the first person in your family to ever try it, the application process can be completely overwhelming.

Upward Bound Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Upward Bound, the country’s first federal program to prepare low-income students for college, is celebrating 50 years of helping high school students go from poverty to the middle class through higher education. Among the millions of alumni who got their start through the program are two-time Oscar nominee Viola Davis; best-selling author Wil Haygood; ABC Primetime host John Quinones; GE Asset Management President and CEO Dmitri Stockton, Democratic National Committee Vice-Chairwoman Donna Brazile, and a varied list of astronauts, judges, scientists, politicians, actors, musicians, scholars, inventors, and entrepreneurs.


FR. TED'S 10K A Success

More than 300 students, staff, campus and community participants came out to support TRiO at FR. TED'S 10K on campus Sunday April 27, 2014.

Thank you to all runners, walkers, volunteers, and sponsors who supported this fundraising event! All funds support scholarships for high school seniors in TRiO Upward Bound.…

Video Celebrating National TRiO Day at University of Notre Dame

Watch Highlights of the 2014 Conference!

Click here to access video of the plenary session and the awards luncheon.…

College Opportunity Summit Held

WASHINGTON, DC -- On Thursday, January 16, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama convened a group of higher education leaders at the White House to discuss tangible steps to increase college opportunities for all americans - particurlarly those from lower-income families. Among those in atendance was Ms. Maureen Holyer, president of the Council for Opportunity in Education. Read More...

Senators Considers Changes to TRIO, Other Programs

WASHINGTON, DC -- On Thursday, January 16, the U.S. Senate's Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee met for a special "round table" to discuss changes in two federal programs that aim to improve access by helping needy and minority students prepare for college—TRIO and Gear Up. The hearing was part of the coming reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Read More...

Upcoming Events

13th Annual Student Parent Leadership Conference

February 28, 2015

In honor of National TRiO Day, we are hosting our 13th Annual Student Parent Leadership Conference for students in TRiO Programs and also local South Bend organizations.   Scholars of Steel; Spirit of Success is this year's theme.

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